Delivering your digital transformation.

Consolidating EPOS, Delivery Partners, Kiosks and Click & Collect into one platform.

Enterprise level product & menu, price, inventory and revenue management, supported by centralised reporting and analytics.


The digital restaurant is no longer just relying on EPOS as a sales channel, it is now Omni-Channel.


Our Centegra Plus Platform consolidates Delivery Partners, Click and Collect, Kiosks and EPOS transactions and feeds them in to one consistent kitchen solution. This gives consistent reporting platform, consistent inventory platform and consistent revenue management. With tools to remove the multitude of tablets from delivery partners and consolidate in to one screen, tools to control and manage products and menus efficiently.

Deliver Orders to One Kitchen Solution (Printer or Full KMS with screens)

Also Consolidates Your Click & Collect Partner, Kiosk and EPOS (all sales combined)

Centegra Empowers Your Business

With the systems Centegra provides we capture granular level data on all transactions, sales, inventory, revenue management and customer interactions.


At all times this data is yours and we want to empower you to use your data to report, communicate, automate, analyse and plan.


Centegra Plus supports this with customisable dash boarding, advance and automated reporting as well as business intelligence and analytics. 

Our consolidated back office system.
Analytical Reporting
Revenue Management
Integrated Inventory Control
Menu Management

Our vision for the hospitality industry’s
digital future.

The Digital Restaurant has some unique management requirements. Real time sales information is needed by managers to keep control of their venue, with Centegra widgets and automated reporting information is bubbled up to the mangers as actionable data. With so demand on time it is important for training and administration to bring all the core tools together, from inventory to production, revenue management and reporting, down to menu and order management.

Digital Kitchens are an integral part of the restaurant but increasingly they can be standalone as ‘dark’ or ‘ghost’ kitchens. If the fall out from Covid is more home working then more central kitchens will be needed. Our kitchen solution can be standalone and hence no POS required, just an internet feed.  When you combine this with our order consolidation and/or our transfers and requisition feature then you will understand what role this will need to play in you digital future.  Fully functional, from simple printers all the way to complex multi cook area screens with consolidation and packing station, order ready boards and even integration into production schedulers that can track preparation and yields.

With all these new sales channels, kitchens and partners it has never been more important to have a cloud based enterprise level solution to Manage Digital Restaurants. Centegra has taken a complete integrated approach with a vast array of tools from: Analytics, mobile and automated reporting group wide, across multiple brands, concepts and supporting franchisee models. Revenue management, treasury, bank/account reconciliation, accounting systems integration is just touching the surface…

Empowering You To Innovate


Customers now expect to transact with brands in a number of ways, the future is omni-channel, and includes:

  • Delivery Partners

  • Click and Collect

  • Kiosks

  • Web Ordering and POS

The choice of partners in these areas is growing with innovative solutions being created all the time. Who is right for your business and delivers the best solutions for you and your brand should be a choice you get to make. So Centegra have developed a rich range of integrations that would allow any omni-channel partner to integrate. We are open to all partners you wish to use as we desire to enable choice. 

Many providers have already integrated to the Centegra platform and you can review these partners in the Integrations section of this web site.

The power of the Centegra Plus platform is that we bring all these sales channels in to one consistent reporting platform, we integrate automatically all these channels in to the Digital Kitchen and we provide the glue to enable your customer engagement to spread across these channels.

Empowering You To Use Your Data

The data is yours

With the systems Centegra provides we capture granular level data on all transactions, sales, inventory, revenue management and customer interactions.

At all times this data is yours and we want to empower you to use your data to report, communicate, automate, analyse and plan.

It powers communication, information and decision making.

Centegra Plus supports this with customisable dash boarding, advance and automated reporting as well as business intelligence and analytics. 

The solution supports the restaurant operators and mangers  as the agent in The Digital Restaurant, the kitchen operations in The Digital Kitchen and empowers head office as part of our Managing Digital Restaurants strategy.

Use your data with other systems

Using your data to work with other partners is critical to giving you choice, enabling automation and extending the use of data in to the areas that you need as a business.


We have a number of tools to achieve this:

  • Centegra Plus API
  • Automated Reporting Engine
  • Customisable data extractor

This enables integrations to:

  • Automated Accounting Interfaces GL files
  • Labour Scheduling & Payroll systems integrations
  • Loyalty and CRM solutions and Customer Engagement
  • Your web site
  • 3rd party inventory partners
  • 3rd party analytics integrations

Centegra Solutions

Centegra provides a full suite of products to fulfil our goal of enabling your digital transformation including all the traditional elements

Customer Loyalty Solutions

Integration to 3rd party CRM and Loyalty systems can be consolidated in to one reporting platform and distributed across sales channels. Inbuilt points and gift carding.

Centegra API & Integrations

The Data is YOURS, so you need to be able to use it. The Centegra API enables you to use your data as you see fit, feeding 3rd parties or integrating new sales channels.

Data Automation

Data integration is not all about APIs, which require programmers and some investment. We have a series of tools that allow you to automate your data at a more practical level, be that Excel integration, automated extracts, pivot tables, or customised outputs, we have a tool for it.

Advanced Reporting

The Centegra Plus Reporting suite comes with an extensive set of out of the box reports. These can all be automated and distributed to teams, management or kept as easy access favourites. Accessible from Mobile and distributed via email or ftp.

Business Analytics

Data from Centegra Plus is processed overnight in to an analysis services cube.. What this enables is far reaching in to management reporting. It can be used as an analysis tool to interrogate your data, drill down and follow your ideas as the data is super quick and responsive. Or you can build a set of management reports that you can refresh at will.


Real time information is important. Often we don't have time to go looking for data and we want it presented to us. The Centegra Plus Widgets are personally configurable, so you have the data you want where you want it on your desk top or mobile device. Updated in real time this information will become addictive and should come with a government warning.

ePOS Software

Lets not forget our roots are in providing cloud based EPOS and this is still core to what we can provide. As an international reseller of the NCR Silver EPOS software we have skills to make this product sing and bring the best from it due to the Centegra Plus integration.

ePOS Hardware

Getting one company to take care of your EPOS and Kitchen hardware is important to make sure you have one consistent supply and consistent joined up support.. We provide a full range of EPOS hardware too.

Installation & Training

Well if you are still reading, I'm impressed... and yes we project mange, setup, install and train as required. But we also empower our clients to do what they can if they wish.

Sales Consolidation

Why pay more for a 3rd party to consolidate your sales data when you can get it done under one roof, one system, one support number to call. Remove those tablets and take control of manging all your menus in one place.

Inventory Management

Centegra Plus as an integrated inventory management solution. Unlike others we track inventory on a transaction by transaction basis. This allow us to develop menus with a simple product setup and recipe management that can change the consumption depending on the sales source. We also have a fully integrated production planner and scheduler linked to the kitchen automation tools

Revenue Management

Once upon a time there was something called cash.... OK still very important to many and still a media that needs careful monitoring. But the Centegra Plus Revenue Management tool is more than just cash management and bank deposits and reconciliation, it also tracks all payment media, other revenue and keeps your delivery partners monitored from end to end.

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Centegra Plus

Bringing it all together in a cloud based platform.

Centegra Plus is the glue that brings all the pieces you need together for you digital transformation.






Our Customers

Our customers are our partners and we pride ourselves on our levels of customer service.


We work hard and engage with our customers to develop our solutions and meet their needs and that is why our clients keep partnering with us for years and years.

"Centegra have been an integral strategic partner for us as we have rapidly grown and developed the Coco di Mama brand and estate, always adapting with flexibility to our business and customer needs at pace and not least at the time of crisis during the pandemic when true partnerships have endured"
Jim Atwood
Managing Director of Coco Di Mama
“All the team at Centegra offer fantastic service at the same time as being a great partner. Helping us move our business forwards with innovation and new ways of working”
Richard Franks
Managing Director of Chilango

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